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Cobbles, Pebbles & River Rock

Green Stone is your central Indiana source for natural stone and landscape products including Cobbles, Pebbles, and River Rock.

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Glacial Granite Cobbles

Smooth, rounded granite cobbles. Pink, blue, white and green colors. Sorted sizes range from 3” – 5″, 6” – 10”. Bulk and Palletized material available.

Kewanee Creek Flats

Hand selected naturally smooth, flat stones. Very colorful with red, white, black, gray and burgundy tones. Stock size is 4” – 7”.

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Smooth, rounded stones, gray to black in color, straight from the beaches of Mexico that add an exotic look to any landscape or water feature. Stock size is 2” – 3”.

Tennessee River Cobbles

Sandy colored cobblestone with a naturally round, smooth texture. Great for edging, large ground cover, water features and dry creek beds. Sorted sizes range from 3” – 5” and 5” – 8”.