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Sandstone — NEW!

Green Stone is your central Indiana source for natural stone and landscape products. In fact, we’re the exclusive area distributor for TruStone Sandstone!

Browse TruStone’s Sandstone products below and then visit us to select your products. NOTE: The sandstone products shown may not be the same as those available at Green Stone. To learn more, contact us at 317.414.6881.

Hudson Gray Tumbled Sandstone

With alternating warm grey shades, a deep yet smooth texture, and clean contemporary sawn edges, Hudson Gray will refine your design. Call for pricing: 317.414.6881

Lakeland Tumbled Sandstone

We consider our Lakeland Tumbled Sandstone to be the neutral color alternative to Bluestone. Its soft color palette consists of muted colors found in our native prairie landscape. Call for pricing: 317.414.6881

Sedona Rustic Tumbled Sandstone 

With its superb color and veining variations combined with Natural Fossils and Rustic bends, Sedona Rustic Tumbled Sandstone is a stunning and beautifully distinctive paving solution. Call for pricing: 317.414.6881